One of the major differences between the Single Edge SE and the Pro is the number of shave settings that comes with the razor. The Single Edge SE ships with one single shave setting that should give anyone a close comfortable shave without risk of ingrown hairs or irritation. The Pro includes a brand new shave dial that helps the user effortlessly dial up their shave from sensitive setting 1 to the most aggressive setting 6.

Which brings us to a very common question we get from customers: what is the purpose of the screw on the Single Edge SE model? I’m glad you asked. The SE can be completely disassembled into 3 separates parts: the razor handle, the screw, and the SE shave setting. If you loosen and completely remove the screw, you will notice a spring loaded around the base of the screw. This spring is what creates the tension and allows the razor to accept and eject the razor blade during the injection process. A plus of this design is also that you can easily deep clean all parts of the SE razor by completely disassembling it. See more here:

How to clean the SE

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