<aside> 🛑 Don’t skip this step! Loading a blade incorrectly will damage the blade leading to terrible, painful shaves. Read through all the step carefully.

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The Supply SE and Pro are injector-style razors and loading a new blade just became quick, easy, and super fun.

Watch the quick video for your razor and don’t miss the important, step-by-step instructions below.

Install a Blade in the SE


Install a Blade in the Pro

Pro-Blade Change (480).mov



Step #1: Load The “Key” Into Your Razor

Our blade pack has a key that fits into the right side of the razor head. Make sure you push the key all the way into the opening on the razor head until it stops.

Step #2: Pull The Slide Back

Find the slide on top of the injector pack, and pull it back, away from the razor. This action will pick up the new blade in the pack that’s ready to be installed.

Artboard 1-100.jpg

Step #3: Pay Attention While Pushing The Blade In

Push the slide towards the razor, loading a new blade into the razor and ejecting the old.

While loading, watch the cutting edge of the blade carefully to make sure it doesn’t drag on the blade stop. This is the most important tip of the entire bunch.

<aside> 🛑 IMPORTANT BLADE LOADING NOTE: The blade should always load straight into the razor. If it is loose, loading at an angle, on top of the existing blade, or most importantly, dragging on the blade stop, you will have a damaged blade. (See image above for clarity)

Damaged blade = Terrible, painful shave


If you notice any irritation, uneven shaves, or nicks, 9 times out of 10 it has to do with the blade inside your razor. Load a new blade carefully before shaving again.