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What you do to prepare your skin for the shave is essential for the best shave possible.


Step #1: Start with warm water.

Warm water is your best friend during a shave. It's best to take a warm shower, wash your face or even just use a warm, damp towel to soften the hairs you're about to shave.

Step #2: Grab your gear.

Take a finger scoop of your shaving cream and rub it into the bottom of your bowl, container, or the palm of your hand. Run your shaving brush under warm water and push into cream. Then, begin to whip up your lather. It may take a little muscle, so don't be shy. Whip it good!

Step #3: Adjust lather consistency.

Small additions can change the overall texture of your lather. Want a thicker lather? Add a small amount of shave cream. Cream not whipping? Add a little more water and use vigorous, circular motions to activate cream.

Don't forget to get the thick lather stuck inside the brush. Starting at the base of the bristle knot, squeeze upward to retrieve a nice amount of lather to add to skin.

Step #4: Take your time.

Shaving often feels like a chore - but it doesn't have to. Think of it like a massage: the warm water, the scents, exfoliation, and smooth glide of the razor can be pretty relaxing.

Apply lather for your first pass and enjoy it. If you need a second pass, we recommend relathering areas before taking a second run. Here’s a guide to Two Pass Shaving if you’re interested:

What is Two-Pass Shaving?

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LOGO - Find the correct blade angle.