“Can women use the Single Edge?”

One of the most frequent questions we get, and if we were having a face-to-face conversation you would hear a shouting, “YES!”

A single blade is actually much better for shaving legs than the multi-blade cartridge razors, minimizing razor burn, lasting longer between shaves, and giving a close, comfortable shave. Plus, women have a much more intuitive feel for shaving with the Single Edge since the design and technique is very similar to what they are used to. So, if you’re a woman in the market, here are some answers to our most frequent female questions:

I’m sold. Which razor should I get?

For body shaving, we 100% recommend grabbing the Single Edge SE. It will provide a close shave, protect sensitive skin from razor burn, and leave your body smoother than you can imagine.

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Does the SE only work on legs or can it work in other areas as well?

We designed the SE to work on all parts of the body. While it’s magical with leg shaving, you can easily use it to shave arms, pits, heads, and private regions. We recommend using a thick cushion of shaving cream lather wherever you shave and never use any pressure to get a close shave. Let the razor do all the work for you.

To learn more:

START HERE: Getting started with the SE & Pro.

Do I need to use shaving cream with the SE?

Yes! We 100% recommend using a quality shaving cream when shaving any area with our SE. You will notice that the precision fins will catch some of the cream and act like a higher quality lubrication strip than the multi-blade you might be used to. If you need a recommendation, look no further than our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream and Shave Brush. Once you experience the fluffy lather and exfoliating power of this duo, you won’t go back to a can.

I’m nervous shaving with a single blade. Any tips?