Our new Grip Sleeve fits perfectly over the handles of the new Supply SE or Supply Pro.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for how to install your brand new Grip Sleeve:


#1 Soap & Water

Soap and water are your friend when installing the sleeve. Squirt a little soap into the sleeve and rub it underneath a stream water to coat the inside with the soapy residue.

#2 Slide It On

Then, easily push the sleeve onto the handle until it rests just below the base plate. Dry off the sleeved razor with a towel, and you're set.

You’ll know you’ve got it right when it looks like the pic above.


#3 Repeat to Uninstall

To uninstall, repeat by squirting a little water and soap on the handle of your razor and slide off the bottom. Rinse and dry out.