What exactly is a beard roller? It's our high-performing derma-roller designed to stimulate your skin to encourage new beard growth. Titanium micro-needles housed on an aluminum handle provide a comfortable, anti-microbial rolling experience.

So, how to use it? It's easy.

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Choose Your Frequency

For best results, choose two days during the week you'll be using the roller, ensuring there's at least one day of rest in between them. A rest day is necessary to allow your skin to process the benefits acquired through beard rolling.

An important note to remember: Rolling your beard more than this won't help your beard grow faster or increase the use results. Instead, it could actually cause damage to your skin if you used to frequently.


How To Roll

Pick up your Activating Beard Roller and gently roll it across the surface of your face and neck. You can roll in multiple directions: up and down, side to side or diagonally across the same area. Then, repeat this movement on the next region of your beard continuing to roll in different directions until you've covered your full beard.

This will create a “cross-hatching” effect that maximizes blood flow in your skin while increasing collagen production. Whatever you do, DO NOT use any pressure while rolling. The micro-needles will do all the work for you.


When Will I See Results?

This is the million-dollar question. And we hate to do this to you, but it truly varies for each individual.

Every man’s face is different. We've had some men see results in as little as four weeks, while others it has taken around 90 days. Stick with it and use alongside other beard products for maximum effectiveness.